Important reports for UPSC, PCS, SSC

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important reports for upsc 2019 pdf

Important reports for upsc 2019 pdf

S. No.International OrganizationName of Reports
UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development)World Investment Report
UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme)Actions on Air Quality
 3UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme)Global Environment Outlook
 4Transparency InternationalGlobal Corruption Report (GCR)
 5UNEP and INTERPOLThe Rise of Environmental Crime
 6UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)Global education monitoring Report
 7UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund)State of world population
 8UN-HabitatWorld Cities Report
 9UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime)World Wildlife Crime Report
 10UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime)World Drug Report
 11UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime)Global Report on Trafficking in Persons
 12UNISDR (United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction)Global Assessment Report
 13UNIDO(United Nations Industrial Development Organization)Industrial Development Report
 14UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund)The State of the World’s Children reports
 15UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund)Report on Regular Resources
 16UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)The Global Report
 17UNICRI (United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute)Reports on Counterfeiting and Organized Crime
 18WEF (World Economic Forum)Global Competitiveness Report (GCR)
 19WEF (World Economic Forum)Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report
 20WEF (World Economic Forum)Global Information Technology Report
 21International Energy AgencyWorld Energy Outlook (WEO)
 22International Energy AgencySoutheast Asia Energy Outlook
 23OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries)OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report
 24OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries)World Oil Outlook
 25Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN)World Happiness Report
 26IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)Technical Cooperation Report
 27IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)Nuclear Technology Review
 28IMF (International Monetary Fund)Global Financial Stability Report
 29IMF (International Monetary Fund)World Economic Outlook
 30Asian Development Bank – ADBAsian Development Outlook
 31BIS (Bank for International Settlements)Global Financial System Report
 32FATF (Financial Action Task Force)Global Money Laundering Report
 33WWF (World Wildlife Fund)The Energy Report & Living Planet Report
 34WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)World Intellectual Property Report (WIPR)
 35Forest Survey of IndiaState of Forest Report
 36FortuneChange the World List Data
 37IBRD (World Bank)Ease of Doing Business
 38IBRD (World Bank)World Development Report
 39ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)Safety Reports
 40IFPRI (International Food Policy Research Institute)Global Hunger Index report
 41ILO (International Labour Organization)World Social Protection Report
 42ILO (International Labour Organization)World Employment and Social Outlook
 43ILO (International Labour Organization)World of Work Report
 44ILO (International Labour Organization)Global Wage Report
 45Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)Global Innovation Index

Important reports for upsc 2019 pdf

Tricks to remember Reports published by International Bodies:
 .                            1.      UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), World Investment Report:
UNcle apna money ADd kar k INVESTMENT karte hai.
2.      UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme):
3 important reports, all related to environment, published by it are:

i.         Actions on Air Quality

ii.         Global Environment Outlook

iii.        The Rise of Environmental Crime
3.      Transparency International, Global Corruption Report:
Jab Governance mein Transparency ayegi to Corruption kam ho jaega.
4.      UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), Global education monitoring Report:
Unhone Nesha ko School Education ka Monitor bana dia .
5.      UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund), State of world population:
As the name suggests.
6.      UN-Habitat, World Cities Report:
Unka Habitat City mein hai.
7.      UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime):
3 important reports published by it are:

i.         World Wildlife Crime Report

ii.        World Drug Report

iii.         Global Report on Trafficking in Persons
Jo  Wildlife Crime Karte hain, Drug bechte hai and Human Trafficking karte hain Un ko DC punish karega.
8.      UNISDR (United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction), Global Assessment Report:
Unnis (19) Dr. (Doctor) milke Assessment report banate hai.
9.      UNIDO(United Nations Industrial Development Organization), Industrial Development Report:
As the name suggests.
10.  UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund):
2 important reports published by it are:

 i.     The State of the World’s Children reports.

ii.         Report on Regular Resources
U Nahi Saaf (U NI CEF) karne Saare Resources nahi to future mein World mein Children k liye kuch nahi bachega.
11.  UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), The Global Report:
Global Report study karte hue Unhe Sar (UNH CR) mein dard hone laga.
12.  UNICRI (United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute), Reports on Counterfeiting and Organized Crime:
United hokar Criminals (UNI CRI) Counterfeiting and Organised crime karte hai.
13.  WEF (World Economic Forum)
3 important reports published by it are:
i.         Global Competitiveness Report (GCR)

ii.         Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report

iii.         Global Information Technology report·        

  IT wali WIFE (WEF) Competitive hai and uski hobby Travel and Tourism hai.
14.  International Energy Agency
2 important reports, both related to energy, published by it are:
i.         World Energy Outlook (WEO)

ii.         Southeast Asia Energy Outlook
15.  OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries)
2 important reports, both related to OIL, published by it are:

i.         OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report

ii.         World Oil Outlook
16.  Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), World Happiness Report:
SAD Sa Na(SD S N) raho, Happy raho.
17.  IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)
2 important reports, published by it are:

i.         Technical Cooperation Report

ii.         Nuclear Technology Review
18.  IMF (International Monetary Fund)
2 important reports, published by it are:

i.         Global Financial Stability Report

ii.         World Economic Outlook
Agar apko Monetary Fund milega to aap Finacially Stable honge and apka Economic Outlook better hoga.

19.  Asian Development Bank – ADB, Asian Development Outlook:
As the name suggests.
20.  BIS (Bank for International Settlements), Global Financial System Report:
20 (BIS) saal study karke apko Global Financial System samajh aa gaya.
21.  FATF (Financial Action Task Force), Global Money Laundering Report:
FAT ho jaoge agar jada Money Laundering karoge.
22.  WWF (World Wildlife Fund), The Energy Report & Living Planet Report:
World ki Wildlife tabhi sustain karegi jab Living Planet mein Energy rahegi.
23.  WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), World Intellectual Property Report (WIPR) and Global Innovation Index:
As the name suggests. Innovation needs to be patented, and hence the innovator has Intellectual Property right over it. So it also comes under Intellectual Property.
24.  Forest Survey of India, State of Forest Report:
Forest Survey of India assesses forest cover of the country every 2 years by digital interpretation of remote sensing satellite data and publishes the results in a biennial report called ‘State of Forest Report'(SFR).
25.  Fortune, Change the World List Data:
Jin logo ka Fortune achha hai wohi World ko change kar sakte hai.
26.  IBRD (World Bank):
2 important reports published by it are:
i.         Ease of Doing Business

ii.         World Development Report
27.  ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), Safety Report:
Aviation is related to air transport. Here Safety Report provides updates on safety indicators, including accidents and related risk factors in air transport.
28.  IFPRI (International Food Policy Research Institute), Global Hunger Index report:
AgarPadai (IF PRI) nahi ki to Hunger ka samna karna padega.
29.  ILO (International Labour Organization):
4 important reports published by it are:
i.         World Social Protection Report

ii.         World Employment and Social Outlook

iii.        World of Work Report

iv.         Global Wage Report
As can be seen that all the reports are related to Labors like Social Protection, Employment and Social Outlook, Work report and Wage report.

For more such materials check the link.

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