GK Tricks

gk tricks

GK tricks. As you all know one of the most challenging task in preparing GS portion for any competitive exam is remembering the vast amount of facts. The syllabus itself is endless. Over that the addition of current affairs makes it even more difficult. As the competition increases drastically every year, getting command over GS has become imperative if you want to crack any exam.

A command over GS also helps you to improve your essay, which itself is a separate paper in UPSC and SSC exams. Therefore, this portion cannot be neglected, as the scores in this portion can win you a rank or make you out of the race. A trend in increase the weightage of GS portion may also be seen from the recent past. UPSC for instance in case of civil services examination has done away with the addition of CSAT marks in prelims examination. Now CSAT has been made qualifying paper only. Some State Commissions have also started following this pattern. In near future, we may expect more states to join this trend.

Through this page I have tried to transform the facts in GS into memorizable tricks.This page will help you with GK tricks to remember facts which are hard to memorize otherwise. Go through all these tricks once and revise them regularly. This will surely help you to score higher in your exams.

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