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geography notes

Free geography notes for UPSC, SSC, Railways, Banking etc. Welcome to this page. “How to clear UPSC or How to clear SSC or any other exam”- if such kind of questions comes to your mind, then you are at the right place. The fundamental principle to clear any exam is to first get command over the basics. Command over any particular subject can only be attained through rigorous practice followed by regular revision. Whatever you study, you should revise it on regular basis. For revision, you may follow the schedule of-1 day, 7 days and 21 days. It may be understood like this- whatever you study, revise it the following day, then after 7 days and then after 21 days. This method would help you to retain what ever you have read for a longer period.

This page will assist you in gaining basic understanding about Geography, which will help you to score higher and clear various competitive exams like UPSC, State PCS, SSC, RRB, NTPC, IBPS etc.

Geography notes


Universe and Earth
The Stars
Solar System
Latitudes and Longitudes
Interior of the earth notes
Geomorphology: Mountains
Geo-morphology: Plateau and Plains notes